Grading Information

Wood Grading and Sample Information

Please note that all flooring samples are sent as representations of colour, texture and construction only.
Wood flooring grading rules vary from product to product and can include allowed features such as:

• Sound knots – Live knots within the surface timber wear layer
• Filled knots – Dead knots that have fallen out will be filled with a wood filler
• Filled splits – Small splits within the wood layer filled with filler
• Sapwood – Colour variation caused by the presence of “sapwood” typically lighter in colour to timber heartwood.

The above features are typical of a “Rustic Grade” product and can vary in size and quantity. “Prime Grade” is a cleaner finish, with a minimal amount of knots and sap and will cost more, as around 20% of the three is only prime grade.

We can offer you standard products from Oak to Walnut and our specialty is bespoke, offering you exceptional choice in design, size, finish, colour and styles in contemporary, classical, timeless or traditional with matching profiles.