Solid Wood Flooring

Characteristics of Solid Wood Flooring

With the characteristics of engineered wood flooring in mind, what’s the difference between a solid and an engineered hardwood floor?

Wood is constantly striving for moisture balance (swelling and shrinking) in three directions a solid hardwood piece of wood is, by its very nature, unstable.

Using solid hardwood all the way through in the engineered core layers wouldn’t offer any benefit. As a wood floor can only be sanded down to its joint, hence a solid construction doesn’t have a longer life or the ability to be sanded down more times.


The conclusion is an engineered floor with a multi layer construction reduces movement (swelling and shrinking) by up to approximately 75%. Providing a more stable and eco friendly floor than a solid hardwood floor. Also engineered floors are more suited for use with under-floor heating.

We can supply or manufacture virtually any kind of colour for wood flooring. Click here to view our gallery of available wood floor finishes as engineered or solid wood flooring.

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