Engineered Wood Flooring

The Characteristics of Engineered Wood Flooring

An engineered wood floor or multi-layered as they’re often known, optimises the use of raw material.

Approximately five times more floors can be produced using the multi-layer construction, as the middle and bottom layers are mainly made from fast growing spruce and pine ‘soft woods’ rather than slower growing hardwood.

We can supply or manufacture virtually any kind of colour for wood flooring. Click here to view our gallery of available wood floor finishes as engineered or solid wood flooring.

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• Surface pre-finish can be of a hard wax oil

• Surface pre-finish can be lacquer finishing

• The top layer can range from 0.5mm to 6mm +



The Benefits


• The centre core is usually pine giving strength and dimensional stability

• The bottom layer usually spruce adds to the stability

• Engineered wood flooring is easy to clean




• Engineered floor is more compatible with underfloor heating than solid wood flooring

• Fast installation process

• Same visual aspect as solid wood flooring


How it’s Made

Engineered or multi-layer floors are made up of three layers of wood, which are laid at right angles to each other. The construction gives the floor more dimensional stability in all humidity levels. Plus because hardwood is only used in the surface layer, the construction is more eco-friendly too.