Cork Wall Coverings

Cork a Natural Product

Cork is a unique raw material that respects a culture of sustainability from its origin to the hands of the consumer. 
 As the bark of the cork oak (Quercus Suber L), it is removed from the tree every 9 years in a process called debarking, which is essential to the tree’s healthy growth. CORKSRIBAS is a high-quality brand of cork-based coverings. It is recognized for its beauty, elegance and suitability for various types of environments, from the most classical to the most contemporary.

The qualities and ecology of cork make these wall coverings one of the best solutions in terms of comfort and pleasure. Mindful of todays needs for conservation and sustainability, cork is the natural choice for silence, warmth, healthy and sustainable flooring. Click here to see our “CORKSRIBAS” brochures.




• It is natural and renewable

• It ensures warm environments – cork retains and reflects heat

• It is a thermal insulator – it helps maintain the temperature of the rooms


The Benefits


• It is an acoustic insulator

• It prevents the propagation of sound between spaces

• It has 2mm cork insulation incorporated

• Besides thermal and acoustic insulation it also allows hiding crack and wall imperfections




• It is easy to maintain

• It is easy to install – just follow the instructions

• It is hypoallergenic

• It repels water

• It is easily cleaned


The Nature in Your Walls

Cork is 100% natural, recyclable and renewable, and is thus popular, particularly in decoration and architecture. CORKSRIBAS cork wall coverings offer a whole series of advantages for decoration: comfort, design, wall regulation, thermal and sound insulation, hypoallergenic, easy application and cleaning. Spaces turn to be more comfortable and attractive, changing the background to your day-to-day life.

CORKSRIBAS wall cork come in several colors and patterns, offering greater strength to the elements and details of imaginative decor, giving them a more prominent role. Against this original yet discreet background that cork provides, rooms change with the rhythm of life and well-being is constantly renewed. Click here for our brochures on “CORKSRIBAS”