Cork Floor Coverings

Characteristics of Cork Flooring

The characteristics of cork oak and cork, is a constant source of astonishment. Indeed, a tree that renews its bark every nine years and provides such a wide variety of applications thanks to its great fund of capacities makes us think about the infinite power of creation and what we can extract from it even in its humblest manifestations.

When most people hear the word cork, they usually think of a wine cork or a city in Ireland. But what doesn’t come to mind are the exciting possibilities that can be done to cork as a flooring product. Most notably sound absorption, hypoallergenic prosperities and comfort. In addition, the natural insulation properties found in cork, as well as its versatile selection of colours really round up to be a very distinct floor cover offering, and to top it off, cork is now available as a click together floating floor as well as a stick-down quality option. Click here for our brochures on “CORKSRIBAS” “Cork is a unique gift to the comfort of mankind”





• Cork is a renewable resource.

• Production is environmentally friendly; any waste is either recycled or used for energy.

• Cork provides the unique appearance of a natural product.



The Benefits


• It is both resilient and yet comfortable to stand and walk on.

• There is no risk of static electricity.

• Cork is a sound insulator reducing the sound of footsteps as well as airborne sound and furniture movements




• Cork is a natural insulator and feels warm and pleasant.

• Cork is anti-bacterial and hygienic, excellent for people with allergies


Where Cork Comes From

The cork oak tree is the only one whose bark can regenerate itself after harvest without damaging the tree or the environment. A variety of the oak, cork trees regrow their bark quickly enough to be harvested every six years. The tree is never killed or cut down and can produce bark for centuries, very few, if any, of the harvested materials go to waste.

Used for centuries, cork’s beauty, durability and additional benefits make it an ideal flooring choice for residential and commercial applications. Click here for our brochures on “CORKSRIBAS” to see the full creative designs, styles and colours available (you will be amazed of the extent of creative cork flooring options available).