Bespoke Carpet


Quality and designs for a luxury class of bespoke flooring. A woven carpet, mostly patterned, in two types:

Spool Carpet

This is a more expensive type of Axminster to produce, as up to 30 colours can be incorporated. Each spool of coloured yarn is placed in the order needed for the width of the pattern, with the free end of the yarn threaded through tubes in a spool-mounted frame. Banks of spools are needed to repeat a pattern across the carpet width for each row, so set-up times are extensive and costly.


This offers a maximum of 8 colours, with the yarn wound on bobbins and matched to the appropriate holes in carriers feeding a jacquard punch card system, or high-speed electronic gripper loom. Both weaving methods can produce high quality heavy cloth.

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Graphics and Hydrashift Carpet

The Graphics system produces mostly small geometrics in medium to heavy ranges in wool/synthetic blends and for domestic use in polypropylene. It is a high technology method of creating tufted patterns using double sliding needle bars.

Hydrashift uses a single sliding needle bar to create diagonal patterns.