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Founded by Paul Heatley, Flooring Associates was born to inspire and empower people to create amazing floors to walk on, dove-tailing your design elements ensuring your ultimate vision is brought to reality.

What we pride ourselves on at Flooring Associates is total customer satisfaction seeing a project through to completion delivering the emotional dream accomplishment.

Some things are just worth waiting for.

If you would like to discuss your flooring requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Paul’s vast experience and knowledge within the flooring industry can be viewed here on LinkedIn.


Our Philosophy

When is a floor not a floor? “When it’s a natural wood floor “ a work of art sculptured into the architecture of the building” in the most prominent place right under your nose, wonderful and beautiful creating a renaissance of testimony.

When people invest in high quality, colour and design creating the flair for grandeur breath-taking elegance “Flooring Associates like to be around to help them create their future flooring requirements”.

No place like home, we all want the best, the old and the new interiors to provide appealing lifestyles connecting us to the past and future interiors creating a bespoke interior that makes a difference for you.

At Flooring Associates we aspire to create your aspirations by offering you something a little different, as we both enjoy pushing the boundaries in the challenge for individuality creativity.


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